Hey there. In case you somehow missed it on our main landing page.  We are raising funds for our business, some important production equipment, and a great local charity.

Camp Casey is an amazing horseback riding program for children with cancer, and I have had the pleasure of attending their events, donating, and volunteering for several years now.  I have had a soft spot for philanthropy since college and Camp Casey is feeding my vice. 

We are mainly raising money for a huge rotating rack oven which will allow us to ramp up our Roasted Lentil production and get into more stores.  However, Camp Casey is going to receive a minimum of 10% of our net donations from this campaign.  We're over $1,300 here after a week and a half and have a long way to go.  Our goal is $12,000. 

You can see our entire (awesome) video and learn about the many different rewards we are offering for donations, by clicking on our Indiegogo Campaign page.

Also, you can learn more information about the events and volunteering opportunities at Camp Casey from their amazing new website:  www.camp-casey.org

Thanks for reading and for your support.  See you around town or at the Royal Oak Farmer's Market every Saturday!