If you did not get our first Newsletter via e-mail, you can sign up easily on our contact page, or via the quick link on the footer of any page on this site.  Our first message was kind of an introduction - since we spam so seldom! - and it also recaps some upcoming big events that we will embark upon.

The full content can be viewed HERE.

In other news, earlier this evening, I was at a great event put on by FoodLab Detroit, in regards to how to kick ass at a Farmer's Market  I felt good about certain points that were made which I already do, but there are ALWAYS WAYS TO IMPROVE!!  You may see the result of this workshop next month at Royal Oak Farmer's Market - every Saturday in April!

At this event, I ran into my new pal, Alleah, from Drifter Coffee.  We see each other at many BUILD and FoodLab events lately!  And I met a new acquaintance; the girls from ANA, Pizzelle company.  Those things are addicting!

Please enjoy our complimentary, virtual newsletter, and we hope to see you at one of our upcoming events. 

ALSO, be on the look out for our Roasted Lentils in select Southeast Michigan stores very soon!