Raising funds to raise our business! (And Donate to Charity

Hey there. In case you somehow missed it on our main landing page.  We are raising funds for our business, some important production equipment, and a great local charity.

Camp Casey is an amazing horseback riding program for children with cancer, and I have had the pleasure of attending their events, donating, and volunteering for several years now.  I have had a soft spot for philanthropy since college and Camp Casey is feeding my vice. 

We are mainly raising money for a huge rotating rack oven which will allow us to ramp up our Roasted Lentil production and get into more stores.  However, Camp Casey is going to receive a minimum of 10% of our net donations from this campaign.  We're over $1,300 here after a week and a half and have a long way to go.  Our goal is $12,000. 

You can see our entire (awesome) video and learn about the many different rewards we are offering for donations, by clicking on our Indiegogo Campaign page.

Also, you can learn more information about the events and volunteering opportunities at Camp Casey from their amazing new website:

Thanks for reading and for your support.  See you around town or at the Royal Oak Farmer's Market every Saturday!



BUILD Bazaar - June 7th @ Eastern Market


BUILD Bazaar - June 7th @ Eastern Market

This will be our 2nd time visiting Shed 5 at Eastern Market to get the word out about our company and sell our unique products.  This is to support BUILD Institute which helped us so much when we were asking a lot of questions about a year ago.

Come and see us between 10am-4pm on Sunday, June 7th to get your fill of Atto & Sons Products.

Also, this will be coming down the homestretch of our online fundraising project.  You can view more details about our cause, and our hilarious and fun rewards here:

See you soon.




Big time milestones!

Couple of Milestones.

I wasn't kidding in the last e-mail

Good Evening, this is Jimmy Atto coming at ya from my kitchen table / office!  I just want to reiterate how much we appreciate your support.  May is such a huge month for us and it's sure to spill into June.  I'm going to get more specific below.  

This is so exciting:  We delivered our product into our first 4 stores this past week!  It felt a bit surreal after all of this hard work for the past 18+ months... to walk into those stores with cases of product in one hand and an invoice in the other.


The locations are:

  1. Market Fresh - 31201 Southfield Rd, Beverly Hills, MI 48025 - (248) 647-4646
  2. Market Square (Birmingham) - 1964 Southfield Rd, Birmingham, MI 48009 - (248) 644-4641
  3. Market Square (W.B.) - 2045 Walnut Lake Rd, West Bloomfield, MI 48322 - (248) 626-2662
  4. Parker Street Market - 1814 Parker St, Detroit, MI 48214 - (313) 458-8867


This milestone and announcement has a direct correlation to the next one... At our current rate of production, in the incubator kitchen which we rent, our output is limited.  This past Wednesday, we launched an online fundraising project to raise funds for a massive Rotating Rack oven which would allow us to maximize our Roasted Lentil production.  Hence, this would allow us to get into 5 more stores in the near future... then 5 more... and so on.  

Our Main Fundraising Video. Look at us... we're so charming. Please click the image above to watch our online fundraising video.

The video is for a project hosted on  In addition to the reason I mentioned in the section to the left about why we need this ginormous piece of equipment, it's really going to be a lot of fun.

One really important note to consider is that we are donating a minimum of 10% of our funds raised to Camp Casey, a horseback riding program for children with cancer.  They are based in Royal Oak.  Check 'em out here:

Furthermore, the most fun thing ever about this fundraiser is the rewards that we are offering.


Here are a few highlights:

  • Tons o' food products

  • Private Acoustic Musical Performances

  • Computer Consulting

  • Private Chef (We come to your home and prepare our products - or brunch - for you)

  • Make my grandma happy by shaving off my beard

  • Create your own flavor of Roasted Lentils

  • Tee shirts, tote bags, chapstick, stickers and SO MUCH MORE...


Please check out our fundraising project and PLEASE - for the love of God - share this with your friends, family and especially those people who you don't even know or have never met yet.  They would really appreciate it. You are an amazing person for reading this.  



April Blast with upcoming Announcements

May and June will be huge months for Atto & Sons.

This is what we have on the horizon: Atto & Sons Roasted Lentils are being featured in the May Edition of Mitten Crate!

Unassuming Michigan food lovers are going to open up their crate subscription to see a yummy new snack, the likes of which they had never even heard of before.

  • The Roasted Lentils are also going to be in 5 area grocery stores in metro Detroit.

  • Market Fresh (Beverly Hills), Market Square (Birmingham, West Bloomfield), Northwood Market (Royal Oak), and Parker Street Market (West Village, Detroit)